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Outbound Sales: The Ultimate Guide

Sales is all about building relations, getting to know your customers, and looking for product-market fit to capitalize on your strategy – but, in the end, all that actually matters is closing more deals. This brief guide will show you …

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We are sharing all we have learned about customer acquisition

Introducing our new e-book: The Art of Customer Acquisition We wrote this because outbound sales is one of the easiest and quickest ways to acquire …

First look at Growbots 3.0

Here at Growbots, we are committed to getting you in front of all of your potential customers in the most efficient way possible. We operate …

We scaled our sales lead generation operation by 200% in 4 steps (and so can you)

“I’d rather have a first-rate execution and second-rate strategy any time than a brilliant idea and mediocre management.” Jamie Dimon, Head of JP Morgan Chase …

5 reasons why finding the best time to send email campaigns matters

Getting better results from outbound sales is what we have been about since we started as a company. We are always looking for new ways …

This simple email subject line can get you an 80% open rate

When it comes to writing email subject lines, people often try too hard. After all, the content of your email is meaningless if your recipient …

17 Sales Influencers You Should Follow

Information is everything in sales. To get the best results when you reach out to customers, you need to know the latest techniques and best …

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How many emails should I send to one prospect?

While doing outbound sales, or sales – a lot of us wonder, how many emails should I send to one prospect? How many is too many, and how many is not enough? This report addresses this question.

Crafting the perfect email subject line

There are a lot of steps you need to take to create an effective outbound sales campaign. However, it all starts with a subject line. And believe it or not, it might actually be the very first bottleneck of your outbound campaign.

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