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Outbound Sales: The Ultimate Guide

Sales is all about building relations, getting to know your customers, and looking for product-market fit to capitalize on your strategy – but, in the end, all that actually matters is closing more deals. This brief guide will show you …

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17 reasons your outbound emails go to spam - Growbots blog

17 Reasons Your Outbound Emails Go to SPAM (and How to Fix It)

Landing in SPAM? Getting labeled as junk? If your outbound email marketing isn’t hitting the inbox, it’s not going to work. Here are 17 reasons …

B2B sales vs coronavirus - Growbots blog

B2B Sales vs. Coronavirus – what do we do?

Apart from the tragic human consequences, the coronavirus pandemic is causing havoc in the entire economy.

Getting outbound right with predictable revenue - Growbots blog

Getting outbound right with Predictable Revenue’s Collin Stewart

Outbound sales take more than just an interest in new revenue, it requires consistent execution on three key pillars: consistent top-of-funnel growth, running great meetings, and establishing world-class follow-up.

How to Kill Procrastination and Maintain Consistency

Success or failure in almost any situation doesn’t depend on our knowledge. The question is, “Are you doing it consistently?”

To Make You Happier We Now Integrate With Zapier

From day one at Growbots, we strive to make our platform better. To make it as useful for our customers as possible, and it’s not …

The Top 5 Reasons People Aren’t Buying From You

As salespeople, it can be incredibly frustrating to run into the same objections over and over again. If people aren’t buying, you might be used …

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How many emails should I send to one prospect?

While doing outbound sales, or sales – a lot of us wonder, how many emails should I send to one prospect? How many is too many, and how many is not enough? This report addresses this question.

Crafting the perfect email subject line

There are a lot of steps you need to take to create an effective outbound sales campaign. However, it all starts with a subject line. And believe it or not, it might actually be the very first bottleneck of your outbound campaign.

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